The day I bought a scooter

One of the absolute best things that has come out of our family living with Congenital Heart Disease, is the fact that we tend to live with a mentality of 'why not?' rather than think of all the reasons why we shouldn't do something. It's like since we came so close to losing our HeartKid (HK), my husband and I have subconsciously decided to make the most of life while we've got it.

Why not travel the east coast of Australia in a 1985 caravan?
Why not rug up and go for a walk in the cold?
Why not take three little kids on a plane to visit my brother in Canada?
Why not have a shaving cream fight in the middle of our living room? (That's a story for another post!)

So, after watching the kids have so much fun on their scooters for such a long time, I thought why not go and buy myself a scooter and join in on the fun? So I did.

I took our HK and 6 month old baby on a train to the city where I found a Micro Scooter stockist (same brand that our kids have) and came home with a scooter! And my Mint Green Speed+ has been one of the most fun items I've ever purchased.

Instantly, I could get outside, put our baby in the baby carrier, and have a blast scooting with the two older kids. Scooting is such a great way to keep active and scooters are SO much easier to transport in the car than bikes.

Plus, a little side benefit is that you miraculously feel a good 10-15 years younger when you get out on a scooter ;) Anyone parenting a child with chronic and/or critical illness knows that's always going to be a welcome feeling!