Sales, guinea pig adventures and looking after the boys

Argh! Today was one of those days that I used to have all the time, until my husband and I decided we would share our workloads better. I DO NOT miss them.

It was a day of juggling the boys and work, which in reality meant:

  • My husband going on our daughter’s school excursion, which by the way we don’t regret for a minute

  • Heading to the supermarket to get dinner sorted and stock up on essentials (thanks for the free fruit Woolworths - you’re a life saver when shopping with a 1 year old)

  • Getting the third degree from a pharmacist about how kids under 11 shouldn’t be on Aspirin (no shit Sherlock), even when I said he needs to be on it because of a heart condition

  • Taking my laptop to the playground and dealing with some urgent things in between lifting our 1 year old on and off play equipment

  • Working while the toddler slept and our HeartKid had some down time

  • Playing a game of Jenga with our HK when our online chat support at The Grants Hub had a quiet moment

  • Managing a big membership sale at The Grants Hub (why, oh why did I make the sale end on a day when I would be juggling kids and work like this?) and closing another good deal

  • Telling our HK I’m sure his heart is fine when he said ‘it was really hurting before’

  • Chasing a rogue guinea pig who decided the chook pen would be the best place to escape to…remind me again why we have guinea pigs?!

  • Getting dinner prepped while emptying the dishwasher and changing a nappy…it’s a wonder the dinner didn’t end up in the bin, the nappy in the dishwasher, and the clean dishes on the chopping board 😆

The adrenaline has been running high today, which to be honest is quite addictive when it comes to exciting work, however I’m pretty sure this day will end up with me crashing in bed…and then being wide awake with my brain still running wild.

You do what you’ve got to do, but man, I do not miss days like this.

Can anyone else relate?