Running at an 8

I like to keep moving. And I love working on new projects. Having lots to think about and do is the mental place I usually like to be in. For me, there is nothing more stimulating than managing multiple new developments at work, reading a few books at once, working a couple of different jobs and starting something new (like this blog).

But never knowing what is around the corner with our HeartKid has taught me that I can't run at 110% all the time. It's not wise for me to run at full capacity with no space left. If I'm already running at a 10, where do I go if tomorrow our son’s heart starts playing up again and I end up in the Emergency Department? For the sake of everyone in this family, I need to keep something in reserve.

So now, I really try and max out at an 8, instead of a 10. If that means saying no to stuff, then so be it. There are bigger things that are just part of my reality (or my 'new normal' as some people say). In practical terms, sometimes this means missing out on something I'd actually love to do. Other times it means turning down a business opportunity. Sometimes it has meant saying no to helping out with something at church. And every now and then it means I sit down and read for a bit during the day instead of cleaning the house yet again.

Is it hard to miss out on opportunities? Sure. Especially when others think you're making the wrong decision. But it's not as hard as finding myself running at a 10 and then facing something quite serious that pushes me past my limit.