Diagnosis of a critical and chronic illness is an incredibly traumatic thing to experience, and I still find it hard to write about.

Somehow, my husband and I managed to put this video together for our HeartKid’s dedication in 2014, which coincided with his 1st Birthday. Until today, I haven't watched this for 4 years as it was just too hard to re-live. And I couldn't listen to the song we chose for about 3.5 years either. I would turn it off every single time it popped up on Spotify, or even walk out of a church service if someone had chosen to sing it. Images and music are a powerful thing.

Yet I do think this video will give you a good insight into the trauma of diagnosis and how life was turned on its head for us 5 years ago. It will also give you insight into the first year of our HK’s life, the ups and downs parents and families of HeartKids face, and the undeniable peace we felt from God throughout this time of incredible turmoil.

Warning: This video contains medical images which may be disturbing to some people.