Bake a cake...just because

Cooking for me is one of my ultimate escapes. I love the creativity of it. I love the aroma that fills our house when I sauté onions, fry off spices, melt chocolate, stew apples or bake pastry. It makes our house feel like a home.

I love the feel of cutting vegetables with a good knife, mincing garlic, chopping fresh herbs or slicing a lemon.

And I love the magic that happens when I mix of bunch of ingredients that would taste terrible or quite plain alone, transform into something delicious (think flour, butter, milk and sugar turning into delicious muffins when adding something as simple as raspberries and white chocolate).

I think cooking is my mindfulness. Not surprisingly, it's been one of my coping strategies for this past five years.

When I know it's time for a re-set, I can think of nothing better than getting in the kitchen and baking a cake. Thankfully, one Saturday a couple of weeks ago my husband kept the kids occupied outside so I could bake. I'd been eyeing off this Lemon & Cardamom Upside-Down cake by Anna Jones for a couple of weeks. And not only was it good for the soul but it was delicious! And we also had a chance to sit together outside as a family and enjoy something quite simple. A win for me and a win for the family.

Maybe you could try baking? You never know, it may just be the re-set you've been looking for.