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For 5 years, I had been struggling to cope with our 5-year-old son’s heart condition. Yet now it feels like I’m moving into a new stage. A stage filled more with hope, story sharing and helping others, rather than the all-consuming internally focussed survival mode that I was thrown into 5 years ago.

My hope, really, is that by sharing this part of my story, other families facing chronic critical illness may realise they’re not alone. Very few understand how it feels to ‘live life with a lump in your throat’. And this is good. This is not the kind of life I would wish upon others. It’s stressful, draining and puts strain on your closest relationships. It limits your ability to make long term plans. It makes all the usual parenting struggles feel so insignificant, even though they’re not. It can be such a conflicting and lonely place to be.

But we’re not alone. We’re actually a whole community of people who share similar struggles. We are juggling family and work while we are trying to navigate the healthcare system and get our heads around the day-to-day reality of managing our child’s condition/s. We are surviving the chaos that we’ve been thrown into.

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Jessie Ballantyne